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Go beyond attribution by measuring contribution


Unlike traditional attribution methods that credit clicks and conversions to ad platforms, the Measured Platform shows you exactly which campaigns are driving incremental conversions, based on your brand’s sales data. It then gives you precise recommendations to help you reallocate your media budget for maximum business impact.

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Why is Measured better

than attribution?

Media plan optimizer | Measured

Holistic measurement that adapts to your business

By combining causal lift tests and agile media mix modeling, only Measured gives you the comprehensive coverage you need to reveal the true impact of all advertising spend, all the time.

Fully automated from start to finish

From data ingestion, to reporting, to budget allocation, the elegant, all-in-one Measured Platform was purpose built to streamline your organizational workflows and increase your team’s productivity.

The undisputed leader in incremental measurement

Since 2017, over 150 of the world’s leading consumer brands trust the Measured Platform to optimize $15 billion in ad spend and counting. Our breadth and depth of learnings are your competitive edge.

The utimate platform for

media measurement and optimization


Incrementality Testing

Design, deploy, and analyze incremental lift tests in under 5 minutes and reveal the true impact of your media investments.


Cross-channel Measurement

Streamline all of your reporting with a centralized marketing performance dashboard that tells the complete incremental story of your marketing investments.


Media Planning & Optimization

Our advanced media planning technology delivers ad spend recommendations based on every campaign’s actual incremental contribution to your sales, ensuring maximum ROI.


Benchmark Intelligence

Measured’s incrementality-powered benchmarks dashboard helps you see if your spend, ROAS, media costs, and platform metrics are on par with similar companies.

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media investment for better result?